Our 12 day trip to Australia_5 days in Cairns

Hello boys and girls,

We are Rithanya (the one writing this blog), Lena and Kassandra and we went on a 12 day trip to Australia! It was a wonderful experience, as it is totally different from our place of stay, Germany. We planned 3 amazing destinations. Our first destination was Cairns in Far North Queensland. It’s one of the most greenery places in Oz. That’s why we chose this destination, since we love nature very much.

Our flight took off on 1st November at 9 am from Hamburg with Singapore Airlines. Actually my mum used to hurry me up to go to school, but this time, I had to hurry them up. After all we had to get up early. I made the best of this trip: I booked Business Class seats from Hamburg to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Changhi and First Class tickets from Changhi to Cairns!

When we reached the airport, we did the baggage check and went to our gate. As there was time to board, we took our seats and waited there. Suddenly, a drunken man sat next to me. He offered me a Wodka. I just looked him in an another angle and gazed him for a few seconds. „What’s your problem? I just offered you Wodka.“ I felt a bit disappointed. There were storms of thoughts swirling in my mind like a cyclone – „My goodness, how could he offer me something like that? I’m not even 18! Do I look like a alcoholic human? How will he be allowed to enter the flight?“ Meanwhile, seeing my saddened face, Lena consoled me and asked me to be cool and not to spoil the mood. After a while, there was the call for boarding and we queued up in the queue for Business Class.

We were standing behind the drunken man. And then the conversation started between the man and the staff: When he showed the boarding pass, the staff said he has to wait at the queue next to us, as he had boarding pass for Economy Class. The man was resisting to move away from the business class queue. „Why shouldn’t I wait here? This queue is much shorter.“ The staff explained everything, but still he refused to change. That’s why they took him away from the queue. We don’t know what happened next.

It was the first experience for me to travel in Business/ First Class seat. I felt like very „majestic“. When the staff asked us what kind of food we want to have for lunch, we ordered vegetarian food. When we started eating, Lena said:“ Hmmm, it tastes like Bacon. Maybe we should check our food, especially Rithanya’s, as she is vegetarian.“ I went panic but she ensured me, that my food is vegetarian. Only Lena’s food was changed. I was so relieved, because I escaped from a disgusting situation (disgusting for me, because I have never eaten meat).

If our flight layovers were a bit longer, we could explore more cities, for example Frankfurt or Changhi. But we enjoyed the view from the plane and the comfort of the Business and the First Class.

You know, Australia is far away from Germany, that’s why we reached Cairns next evening at 5.20 pm. We couldn’t do so much, because we reached Cairns very late. Our first impression was more than we expected: we still can’t believe, that we were living in a marvelous place named Cairns for 3 nights! There is more than we think. We used to live in big cities, but this time it was just outstanding. We can’t explain how it was – we are speechless!

I booked a holiday apartment named „Cairns City Apartment“. It’s a 4-star hotel. Being tired, we didn’t explore Cairns on that day. So we started exploring from 3.11.2018. Intentionally, I booked an apartment, so that we could make our own breakfast. We saved so much time, as it wasn’t necessary to wait, till they serve breakfast. I had to do most of the work, since it wasn’t difficult for me to get up early. But still it was an unforgettable trip for us ;).

The next day, on 03.11.2018 Lena and Kassandra surprisingly got up earlier than me. Astonishingly, they were eating breakfast when I woke up. I didn’t wake up late, they woke up early, as they couldn’t sleep, due to excitement. I have made ready myself and had my breakfast, meanwhile Lena and Kassandra were packing for our travel.

Our first destination was the Great Barrier Reef. Our train came a bit late, but it wasn’t matter at all and we came punctually. It’s the biggest reef in the world. Being very large, everyone could see the reef even from the space! For the first time we went snorkeling in a such clear water. It was just wonderful! We saw turtles, fish, dolphins etc. It went flawless…

…till the boat stopped moving forward, when we were on the way to land. We were situated in the middle of the ocean, so it couldn’t be a great idea to swim back to land. Moreover, we had to give our cell phones to the reception and it’s impossible to contact someone with an underwater camera. It was so horribe!

After long time, a boat came from Great Barrier Reef, sailing towards land. We asked them for help, but they explained, it’s impossible. They neither have a rope or a device to contact others. But they offered to help by informing others when they put a step on the sandy beach. We were so relieved and happy, when entering the coast of Cairns.

It took very long, but it was possible to explore all sights from our list. We ate lunch at „Salt House“ and ordered one pizza Funghi, pizza with vegetables and pizza with spinach. After long time I could eat such a delicious pizza and so were Lena and Kassandra. Having an excellent atmosphere, we could recover our stress from the Great Barrier Reef. But we had very less time. Who wants to miss attractions in Cairns?

Our second attraction was the „Skyrail Rainforest Gateway“. We could ride gondola over the rainforest. It was my dream when I was very small. After long time my dream was fulfilled. Everyone were keen to ride gondola atleast one time over the rainforest. Kassandra was the first. She went berseck when she heard she was the first. After the workers secured her, she started „skyrailing“ over the rainforst. Everything went well…

… till she almost hit a huge tree. Everyone were panicked. Luckily, they had many tracks, ensured that there wasn’t any trees or other dangerous obstacles and closed the gate where Kassandra rode. Lena was the second. She didn’t feel well, since she is afraid of heights. I could read her expression. I hoped, it will end good and it’s a great opportunity to get the fear out. While riding, Lena shouted all the time! I bet everyone could hear her scream, who were in the rainforest. I’m so sorry for her. But actually she was very courageous and I appreciate for that :).

And then it was my turn. I was so excited and I couldn’t wait even for one second. I started riding and it was better than I expected: While inhaling the fresh air from the rainforest, I enjoyed the scenic view above the rainforest. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so I couldn’t take shots. Coming to the other side, I found out, that Kassandra made photos ;). The view on the other side was very stunning and the only word I could say was: WOW!!! (\°°/). My friends were just as speechless as me!

We went back to our hotel by train, made dinner (as usual bread with various spreads and cornflakes in addition). We went to bed early and closed our eyes with lots of hope for tomorrow…

04.11.2018, a wonderful morning it was. It was raining last night and at that morning a rainbow was painted by the sun in its dawn. This time Lena made breakfast. We ate omlets, bread and cornflakes. Unfortunately, we started a bit late and missed our train. [because of Kassandra :(]

Our third destination was the Daintree National Park. It was beautiful. We love national parks more than any playgrounds!…

…Ok, I like big playgrounds but national parks are special and unique, because we can’t create them artificially.

We booked a guide, so that we could learn about the forest. Do you know something? That rainforest is 130 million years old and it’s still existing! I thought all forest, surviving for a very long time, have been destroyed! My opinion is, these people, who lumber rainforests all the time, are very cruel. There are still some people lumbering rainforests in several parts of the world, even though it is prohibited! I felt very ashamed for that, because I’m a human too.

Lena was fascinated during the guide all the time. You have to see her expression! I had to laugh all the time ;). Kassandra’s was even more strange. Her expression was the same all the time with open mouth , looking like: „I have nothing to say, it’s just fabulous!“ She was looking like a walking robot with no battery – ok, however we loved that place so much and I just say everyone has to see that place once in a lifetime (minimum).

Our visit took just 1 and a half hour, because I wrote many things on my list. My friends usually can’t tolerate, if they miss to go to a place they love or never seen. Me too, but it depends where we are going and how my situation is. That’s why I am a bit more flexible than my friends.

It was lunchtime and as usual I reserved a table for us three in a restaurant, named „C’est bon“. We had to be very dependent with train and bus, cause they were the only  means of transport. Yes, it’s a french restaurant (as the name says) and I just wanted to try different dishes and so were Lena and Kassandra. We ate vegetable Quiches and Tarts. For dessert (not desert ;)) we ate „Crème Brulée“. It’s a kind of pudding and it’s very special in France. My friends were very satisfied. Making my friends happy, it made me a proud feeling.

In the evening, we decided to go to the „Barron Gorge National Park“. Yes it was a rainforest too, but there is more than just trees. I didn’t publish none of the photos I took due to privacy and copyright. But if you google them, you have that feeling, you want to go there at any cost. I had that feeling too, when planning our trip. But it was more incredible than I thought: The scenic view has blown my mind!

Do you know what „gorge“ means? It means canyon in french. If I say the truth, I don’t know why the national park was named like that.

There are some canyons in the national park, do you know that? They are so steep, some parts of the canyon are 45° steep! That’s why 23 people died during the construction of the Kuranda Scenic Railway! After a while we rode on that and booked the „Gold Class“. The view was sooooo scenic ( like the name says ). We saw many beautiful cliffs, huge mountains, extraordinary waterfalls (Stoney-Creek-Fall and Surprise-Creek-Fall) and a stunning view from a mountain through Oz.

Being very tired, we took the train before the train we wanted to take (I know, it’s a bit confusing) and reached our apartment a bit earlier. With lots of expectation we ate dinner (as usual bread), brushed our teeth and went to bed.

On the next day, the 5.11.2018, at approx. 4.30 am, I heard a strange noise. I woke Lena up, because I had a strange feeling and I didn’t want to look after at alone…We went to the kitchen and saw Kassandra, ransacking the kitchen. „May I know what you are doing here?“, asked Lena. She just turned her head to us, saw a bit bewildered and continued fiddling the whole kitchen. „I think she is in a sleepwalk… Ahm, Kassandra, do you want to go to the bathroom?“, I asked. She went to the bathroom without reply, stood there a few seconds, flushed the toilet and went to bed. After a while she started to sleep very deep. We just saw her with open mouth, wrinkling our forehead. Maybe she was very tired.

In the morning, we packed our baggage, as it was the last day in Cairns. But we didn’t take the baggage with us, because we planned to come to the apartment once more in the evening. Our last to last destination in Cairns was the „Tyapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park“. My goodness, these names are very long…

Do you know that the Uluru mountain is sacred and not allowed to touch it? Yes, we can’t even touch it. And do you know about the „Stolen Generations“? No, then I can shorten their history, but I won’t write very detailed.

In 1788, 300.000 to 1.000.000 Aborigines lived in Oz (Oz is the shortform of Australia). Aborigines are natives in Oz. Convicts from Great Britain were convicted in Australia. They were the first Europeans, entering that land. After more and more people settled in God Zone country (Australia), the white people took their land away from them and they even died from the diseases the Europeans brought! In 1901, the Aborigines were even not accepted as citizens! Isn’t it cruel? The Europeans abducted aboriginal kids and brought them far away from their hometown, to teach them white people rules and regulations, their culture, habits etc. They are not allowed to speak Aboriginal language or to carry on their culture! I couldn’t survive in such a cruel situation. I’m so sorry for them…

But times changed. In 1971, the government gave their land back. Ok, it’s not a big achievement to get back what they had before. It’s like getting our phone in a month back. But in 1998, the government introduced a „Sorry Day“ for apologizing to the Aborigines! In 2008, they were allowed to carry on their culture and it’s well established. Recently, there are 700.000 Aborigines, living in Australia.

Yes, that’s the story. We ate lunch there, so that it isn’t necessary to travel in the next best restaurant. There were so many delicious dishes to order and aboriginal dishes are more delicious than I thought. I would recommend to all , reading this blog to search for aboriginal recipes.

Our last destination in Cairns was the „Rainforestation Nature Park“. There are many tropical gardens and it was so amazing! There were so many small and cute animals like squirrels or sparrows. We just laid ourselves on the dry grass, listening to the animal sounds, watching how squirrels were fighting for a female one, and closed our eyes for a while. It was also a good place for a barbecue, but we didn’t bring one, but they offered BBQ lunch buffets and bought some for dinner, so that we could eat when we were at home :).

After this attraction, we needed to go to a supermarket to buy groceries. Of course, we went home after that and packed our dinner plus breakfast for the next day. Lena went to the lift with the luggage, while I and Kassandra made food and left our apartment as neat as possible. Catching the train we went in and chose the place, where three people could sit together. When the train started, we unpacked our dinner (BBQ lunch buffets) and watched the view from the window. After a while, we shouted together „Welcome to Townsville!“ Many people thought it was an announcement! If you want to know what happened next, please read the blog from Lena, my travel partner.

Best regards,


6th day- Arriving in Townsville 5th November 2018

We just arrived at our Hotel in Townsville. The Foreign Exchange Backpackers Hotel. For the three of us, it was an investment of 102€. Free Wifi, cancellation at no charge.  The rooms are homy and there is enough room for three more people.

It’s still early, so there is still room to do something. We thought of visiting the Coffee Club Café. Just chilling, maybe meeting some nice people, talking about our experiences from Cairns. We just wanted to calm down and relish the rest of this day, after unpacking our bags.

It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shinin‘ and the people out there, in front of our hotel are smiling. Everybody here looks so happy and friendly, that this city is glowing in an atmosphear of good feelings. The streets are lined with small gardens, warm looking houses, green trees and high bonnets. On the way to the Café, Rithanya, Kassandra and me where just talkin‘ about this continent. We ain’t here long, but this country seems so bright, so friendly. It’s full of nature and even in the citys are so many birds. And the people are making the dent of beeing so successful to live here.

The Coffee Club Hotel is at 59/60 The Strand, Townsville City QLD 4810. It’s a street near the beach and very green. We just walked across the street, as I spotted a man in a wheelchair, trying to get up the curbstone. I just asked my friends to wait and hurried to get to the helpless looking man. „Can I help you, Sir? Do you wanna go up that curbstone?“ He just looked at me for a second, as if he wouldn’t believe, that somebody came to help him. Then he smiled. „Yeah, I want. Thank you very much!“

I just helped him to get on the boardwalk, so he is out of danger. „Do you wanna go somewhere special?“ He was still smiling, not stopping to thank me for my help. „Yes. I wanted to go to this Café. Over there.“ He pointed the Coffee Club Café. I smiled. „So, if you don’t object, we can go together. My friends over there are waiting for me to go with them. We also wanted to visit this Café. I’m sure it will be nice to talk with you, divide experiences?!“ The man just nodded his head. „By the way, my name is Lena and this are Kassandra and Rithanya.“ I said as we reached my friends. „Hi.“ The man said. „I’m Oliver. Nice to meet you.“

We just talked with him till the sun went down and made an appointment for the next day. We were going to visit a museum together. But not just any museum. The museum of tropical Queensland.


7th day- Tropical museum of Queensland 8th November 2018

The day began early. Not because our alarm clock was waking us up, but because of the birds. They sang so beautifully and so loud, that we just had no other choice than waking up. But don’t think we were tired. We just felt as awake as never before.

I waked up first. I just went to the kitchen, crisped some buns, made a coffee for me and hot chocolate for my two fabulous friends.

I put the buns and cups of coffee and hot chocolate on a tray, walked into our bedroom…and got a shock!

Somehow I managed not to chuck the tray and stayed were I was. Over there, at the window next to the desk in the right corner of the room, was a big…and I mean BIG marten. Sitting on the window sill, it just looked at me, scanning me, as if it was trying to find out, if I was a menace or not. It decided, I wasn’t dangerous for it.

In closer inspection, I realised that it wasn’t a normal marten. It was a tiger quoll. That professed the size. Tiger Quolls are kind of martens. They can get 43 cm long and 3,3 kg heavy. They have brown to red fur with white dots on the sides. It really looks sweet, but you should’t be careless. It owns very sharp teeth.

This little big guy on my window sill just looked at me. I put down the tray carefully and converged. The Tiger Quoll wasn’t moving, so I came closer and closer. It was just sitting there, watching me. There were only a few centimeters between me and the Tiger Quoll. I slowly streched my hand to let it scent. It scented. The only thing moving was its cute pinky nose. I carefully touched its forhead. Just making small moves with my fingers, I won it’s confidence. He sted me. It just came closer to me, nuzzeling with its spout on my hands and arms. It was very trusting, although it is a wild animal.

With the Tiger Quoll on my shoulder, I woke up my friends. You should have seen their faces ;)). They just didn’t believe what they saw. A big marten sitting on the shoulders of their best friend was a little to much for the morning. „It just sat on the window sill.“ I said. Kassandra smiled. „All you. There is a wild animal, caving in our bedroom, maybe dangerous (You can’t know that), and what are you doing? Saying: ‚Oh. Hey small thing. I know what you want. Come here, let me be your friend, I won’t do anything to you.‘ And of course, these little thing is trusting you from the moment it saw you. You are a magician, Lena. Every animal is trusting you. HOW?“ She said laughing. „I’m not a magician. Just emphatic for the soul of animals. Maybe that sounds crazy, but it’s true. I don’t see them as animals. They have a character too. They are like…no. They are better then humans.“ I said matter-of-factly. Kassandra was still smiling. „I know that“, she said, „But you are the only person I know, where the animals are trusting you from one second to another. I’m kind of jealous.“ We were laughing. And my little big new friend was squiking, as if he tried to say, he is amused too.

It was already time to meet Oliver at the museum, but where should we leave our new friend? We named the marten Tom. He is ‚Tom Marten‘. „So…what should we do with you?“ I said, turned to Tom Marten. He looked at me and turned his head to look me in the eyes. He squiked. I shruged one’s my shoulders. „I don’t know too. Maybe…no. I don’t know. But we have to go now. I will sit you in the garden. I hope you are still there when we come back, buddy…“

Sadly, me and my friends walked down the street to the Tropical museum of Queensland. Everytime I hear the word „Queen“, I have to think about Freddie Mercury. He was a legend. He still is! I like him and his songs a lot. They helped, well still help me through a very ruff time in my life.

We arrived soon and looked for Oliver.  We saw him near the entrance and greeted him. We entered the museum, which luckily was no problem for Oliver. Remember? He sat in a wheelchair. But the museum was compatible with wheelchairs, so we had no problem with that. The entrance fees were by 15$, but its really worth it.

The museum was awesome. There was a section about dinosaures, which lived at that place years ago. Then there was a maritime section, where you could learn about diving, animals living in the sea, fishing around Queensland…everything you can imagine. We learned that there is an agency called Maritime Safety Queensland, which is responsible for the safety of every kind of vessels and thoroughfares, which offeres pilots for bigger ships, which helps to protect the ocean, which deals whith the polution of plastics in the sea. Everything like that.

Then there was a section about Queensland generally. We learned that there are 4.965.000 people living in Queensland on a surface of 1.730.650 square kilometres. The capital is Brisbane, which is settled in the south-east of Queensland. Queensland is the second biggest state in Australia. Next to New south Wales, it is the state, where the most Aborigenes are living.

Than we walked throug the next door and found padded animals all over the next room. There were seagulls, sealions, big butterflys, martens and crocodiles. It was fascinating, how many species of animals are living there.

Than we entered the last section. It was about the Aboriginese. There were maskes, which they used for typical ceremonies, wappons and javelins, clothes and pictures of buildings, paintings and instruments they built. We heared that the word „Aborigine“ comes from the latin language and means „from the beginning“ and it is the official word for ‚Ureinwohner‘ in Australia. They came 40.000 years ago from the north and settled in Australia. There are 400 to 700 different trunks of Aborigines in Australia and they are settled all over the continent.

We also learned about a man named David Unaipon. He was an Author, Illustrater and activist, who fought for the rights for Aborigines. You can see his face on the 50 dollar note. He was the first Aborigine, who wrote and made a book official. He lived from September 1872 till February 1967. He wrote three books. Aboriginal Legends in the year 1927, Native Legends in the year 1929 and Myths and Legends of the Australian Aboriginals. 

When we left the museum, Oliver told us about his favourite place in Townsville. He wanted to show it to us, because he wanted to thank us for the great day.  We went to the Port of Townsville and we followed Oliver through the ships and boats. We arrived at a nose-piece, which was a little remoted. We sat down on a bench next to Oliver and talked, while we watched the sun rising. We talked about god and the world and somehow we conceived to the topic, why Oliver was chairbounded. He looked sad when he answered: “ I was a kid and I was playing in the woods with my friends Tyler and Steven. We lived in Adelight before we came here to Townsville. We played Hide and Seek and Tyler had to seek. So me and Steven ran and Steven told me to climb on a tree. I didn’t want to. I was afraid. But Steven told me, I would be a loser and it would be my fould if Tyler would catch us. So I climbed. Higher and higher. I lost balance and fell. I was too shocked to screem, too shocked to realise anything.  But I heared Steven screem, than I bumbed on the floor. The next thing I remembered was waking up in the hospital. The doctors told me, they tried everything, that it’s a wonder, I was still alive, but that I never would be able to walk again.That was three years ago…“

We just sat next to him and were quiet. We didn’t know what to say. Kassandra noticed a tear, running down his face and pushed her elbow into my side. I looked up and realised. I stood up and walked over to him. I just wanted to be there for him. To make him feel better. I just bend down to him and huged him. He entangled his arms around me too and hid his face in my hair. I heared him cry. „It’s okay.“ I said. „We are here for you, okay. We understand how it has to feel. And it is sad and destroying, of course! But that is past and live is beautiful and there are people who love you, no matter if you are bound to that chair or not! We can do so many things together here in Townsville. We will have a great time. And that is all that matters!“ He nodded and let go off me. I let my hand on his arm, just to be sure he is not feeling alone or something. „Thank you so much! I have never had anybody who was willing to build me up or was there for me. Not even my parents. I don’t know… Thank you!“ He smiled a bit. „Hey, that goes without saying! We are your friends!“ I said „And hey, I can see a smile on your face.“

It was a great evening and we arranged a date for the next day. Me, my friends and Oliver planed a tour through Townsville for our last day here. We wanted to meet at the nose-piece of before.

We went home and opened the door. We put our shoes off, I stepped into the living room and suddendly heard Rithanya calling me. Shouting I have to hurry, she made me shocked. I thouged she was going to die or stuff. But than, when I reached the bedroom, I realised what was going on. Tom Marten, the marten from todays mornig was sitting on my bed. He squiked happily when he saw me and jumped off the bed. He ran to me. I bend down, took him up and slowly stroked across his back. I was so happy he came back.

The rest of the evening, we sat in the garden and watched Tom playing or spend some time talking about today. It was a good day and we were full of expections for tomorrow.

8th day – last day tour through Townsville


Today began early. We woke up at 5 am, because we were going to meet Oliver at 7am but we still had to eat breakfast, put some clothes on and pack the rucksack for the tour. We also packed our bags for the departure.

At 6am we left the house. Looking back to all the beautiful days we’ve already spent in Oz, it was a time full of experiances. And now we were just looking forward to the day we were going to spend with Oliver. I am very glad, we met him. Oliver is a very cool person and a good friend. He’s straight-forward, trustful, honest and a person worth to like and love.

We left the bus which was bringing us to the port and hurried to the nose-piece where Oliver was going to meet us. I spotted him first and I ran on ahead to say hello. He noticed me when I was two or three steps away from him. He turned around and smiled. I huged him impetuous. „Hey Lena“ he said. „Where are your friends Kassandra and Rithanya?“ I let go off him. And pointed back. Kassandra and Rithanya were walking chilly and waving to salute Oliver.

When Kassandra and Rithanya finaly arrived, we sat down for some minutes to go through our plan for today again. This was our list:

First, we wanted to visit the Castle Hill Lookout at Castle Hill Queensland 4810, Australia, then go for a walk at the Castle Hill. Later we wanted to visit the Anderson Park Botanical Gardens at 41 Gulliver St, Mundingburra QLD 4812, Australia, after that we wanted to look for something to eat and the rest of the time, we planned to spend at the James Cook University. We just wanted to visit it. We have heard that there are horses. And it generally sounds interesting.

We started running to catch the bus. After half an hour we arrived at our first stop. The Castle Hill Lookout is a viewpoint. And the view is amasing! No kidding!

Rithanya was standing a little off the beaten track and was taking photos. Kassandra was standing next to me, just enjoing the view. Oliver was next to me, staring into the distance. I came a little closer to him and asked if everything was alright. He shook his head. „Should we talk alone? I am here for you, you have to know that!“ He slowly nodded his head. I tapped on Kassandras shoulder. „I’ll be back in a minute.“ I said. Engrossed in the beautiful landscape, I was sure, in a few minutes she wouldn’t remember what I said.

Oliver and me went to a pavilion near the point we stood. I had to help him up the few steps, because there was no ramp for wheelchairs. I leaned against the railing and looked at Oliver. He made a depressed appereance. „What’s up?“ I asked carefully. He faltered when he opened his mouth to tell. „It is okay. You don’t have to tell anything! I just wanted to help you! To make you feel better!“ He shook his head vigorously. „But I want to! I trust you, really! It’s just not that easy…“ I smiled encouragingly. „I know. It’s not always that easy. But I am sure you can do it! Take your time, okay? I’m listening.“ A sad smile appeared on his face. I just waited till he was ready to speak.

„It’s just…there are two things. The first thing is, that I don’t really like myself. It’s because I feel like I’m a burden for everyone around me. And I don’t like being dependent on somebody. Or something. Since three years, I feel like everybody is overprotecting and afraid. Olli! Put that away, it is dangerous! Oliver, let me help you! Ol, don’t go there! Olli, you could hurt yours! I don’t get it. Why can’t they just understand, that I want to manage things on my own. That I need to do things on my own. I can do the things, everybody else can do, too! Maybe it is a bit difficult and maybe it will take some time, but…I don’t know…“ He suddently stopped talking and  held his head in his hands. I saw his back shaking and realized that he was crying. Quiet sobs came out of his throat. I bend down on my knees in front of him and put my hands on his knees. „Hey! Look at me! Look me in the eyes.“ He lifted his head. Tears were running down his face. „So. First: I am pretty sure, that your family just trys to help you. For you it’s not easy. Your life changed from one moment to another. I just can imagine how hard it has to be, to be in your shoes. But I’m sure, for your family it is not easy too. Maybe, they don’t know how to deal with that. They also have to find a way to support you. That’s all they want. They love you, Oliver. And they want to help you. And you and your family have to find a way to come along with that. Maybe you can talk to your parents about your feelings and they can do that too. And than you can find a way, which is acceptable and helpful for everybody in that relationship. Okay? And that won’t be easy. I know that. But that is the only way you both feel better.“ I said. Olivers tears dried. He looked very serious now.

„And the second thing you wanted to tell me about?“ I asked. He inhaled deeply. „Promise me, you won’t hate me!“ I was shocked. „I wouldn’t hate you! Never ever ever ever would I hate you! Tell me.“ „There is this girl I like…“ He bashfully looked me in the eyes. I smiled. „Is she from town?“ He shook his head. „No. She is in town at the moment, but regularly she lives in another country.“ I nodded understanding. „So, it is a long distance relationship?“ He did nothing. No sighn he even understood me. „Is she beautiful?“ I asked. „She is the beautifulliest girl I know.“ I smiled even brighter. „So…you didn’t answer the question from before? Is it a long distance relationship?“ „We are not even a cupple yet…“ he answered sadly. „Oh…so, are you going to ask her out for a date or something?“ He looked frightened. „I don’t know…she would say no.“ I took his hands. „You don’t know that! Maybe she will say yes! Be brave and ask her. What could happen? Just ask her.“ He looked down on his hands in mine. „If you were her…what would you say?“ I laughed. „Definitly yes! I wouldn’t miss the chance, if I were her!“ A little glimmer of hope appeared in his eyes. I was happy about that. Seeing him getting a little confident was great. „So…“ he started, looking straight into my eyes. „Would you go out on a date with me?“ That wasn’t what I expected. I was so perplex, I could just stare increduosly back into his eyes. He was nervous. I opened my mouth…and closed it again. I couldn’t say anything. I just began to slowly nod my head. Than I took my hand off of his and hugged him. I just sat down on his lap and hugged him. He hugged me back and I just breathed in his smell. He smelled like the ocean and… I don’t know…like peace. I don’t know how to say it else. He smelled like the ocean and peace.

We went back to Rithanya and Kassandra. We couldn’t stop smiling. They gave us a questioning look. „Did something special happen?“ Kassandra asked. „No!“ Me and Oliver answered at the same time. She just raised her eyebrow and smiled. „Sure…nothing. Lena, come here! We need to talk!“ I nodded my head and she took me to the side. „So?“ She asked. I gave a shrug. „Nothing special happened. He just asked me out for a date…“ I must have smiled so brightly, there was no chance for me, hiding my feelings. Kassandra laughed. „Ohhohooooo…….Well, if that is the way, the stay is going to end, than it is fine with me. Happy Birthday….uhh, happy dateday.“ I laughed too. „Well, thank you. It will be happy. Definitaly!“ I bowed and we couldn’t stop laughing. Rithanya overbearing put her hands on her hips. Kassandra looked at me and announced: „Well…I officially can announce, that Lena and Oliver have a date.“ Rithanya smiled. „Congrats. But when do you think, you wanna do that? This is the last day, we are spending here in Townsville and there is no time left to go on a date…exapt….“ She stopped talking and looked at Kassandra. „Would you come with me for a second?“ Kassandra nodded. They quietly talked and sometimes looked back at us. „What are they talking about?“ Oliver asked. „I really have no clue…“  Rithanya and Kassandra came back. „We think, that it would be fine, when you are not coming with us to see the James Cook University, as long as you stay the rest of the day with us. The same is with Oliver. You can go on a date, when Kassandra and me visit the University.“ I just looked at them. „Is that really okay with both of you?“ Kassandra laughed. „Sure! Lena, it is definatly fine with us! You deserve to be happy.“ I smiled. „Seems like the evening is saved.“ Oliver said. „Well, that is awesome, but if we don’t hurry, we will miss the bus to the Anderson Park Botanical Gardens at 41 Gulliver St.“ Rithanya said. So we hurried to get the bus.

After we walked through the Anderson Park, which was very impressive, we ate in a small Fish and Chips bar called Kings Road Fish Bar, at 203 Kings Rd, Pimlico QLD 4812, Australia. It is a very tiny, unknown bar, but the food has high quality and it tasted very well.

After that, we splitted up. Kassandra and Rithanya went to the University and me and Oliver took a ride to the beach. The bus was nearly empty. There was just an old woman, reading in a newspaper and from time to time quietly talkes to the man in front of her. Probably her husband. I sat next to Oliver. There was a special spot for wheelchairs, so Oliver had no problems. „So…I never had been on a date before…“ Oliver said and looked very shy. „Don’t worry. Me either. Please, we are here to have fun and relax. To spend some time togehter. We are going to watch the sea and just want to have a great evening before I have to go, right?“ Oliver smiled. „Yeah, you’re right. We are just going to have fun. Nothing to worry about. Well, you know…I am very glad, you are here with me. I think you’re a very extraordinary girl.“ I smiled. „Why do you think so? I am just going on a date with the boy I like?! Why am I extraordinary?“ Oliver looked very serious. „You remeber, when we met? You helped me, when I was stuck.“ „Of course, I remember?“ „You helped a complete stranger, and that is extraordinary. And when I first looked into your eyes, I knew, that you are a very streight forward, loveable, and honest person. And to meet you, was the biggest pleasure, the universe could offer me.“ I was serious too. „Thank you. It is really sweet of you, to tell me that, but I think you are wrong. I am not honest… I am always lying. Aspecially at home. Because I am afraid of what happens, if I tell the truth. I am not loveable, because I am one of the most destroying and disappointing people on this whole world. And you don’t have to say, I’m wrong. Because I know I am right. I am too afraid.“ Oliver took my hand. „Hey! I don’t know you very long, but what I definatly know is, that you ARE loveable! I don’t know, what happened to you in the past and I am here if you wanna talk, but i know that you are loveable! And you know why I know that?!“ I watched him sceptical. „Why?“ „Because I love you!“ For some reason, I believed him. That was so incredibally sweet, I started to cry. „Hey. Don’t cry! Everything is alright!“ I looked up. „I know! It’s just…I don’t really like myself and hearing you, the boy I really really like, telling me all this sweet things…I don’t know. But, you know…, I think I may love you too.“ Oliver smiled. „That’s nice.“ I smiled to. „Yeah, that’s nice.“ I agreed.

Olli and me were afraid if there was no way for him to go on the beach, because he would get stuck in the sand, but we found a spot on a little hill, from where we could look across the sea. There was a single tree on the hill and I sat down in the gras next to Oliver and leant against the tree trunk. Sitting there and watching Oliver getting lost in the apperance of the endless distance, I realised how less time we have left. This evening, I would fly to Hinchinbrook Island. The next and last stop of our trip through Australia. And after that, I won’t see Oliver for a very long, indefinable time! I just watched him and thought about how lucky I was. We don’t know long, but it feels like we grew up togehter. Like we hadn’t spent a single day without each other. And to know, that I will have to leave this evening…it just felt wrong.

„What’s wrong?“ Ol asked. I breathed out slowly. „Nothing. It’s just that I am sad because I have to leave this evening. And I don’t know, when I will see you again… it just feels wrong to leave you.“ I stood up and bend down infront of Oliver. I took his hands. He caressed across my cheek. His hands where soft and worm. He left his hand on my cheek and I closed my eyes. „I will always be with you, I promise!!!“ I sadly smiled. „I know.“ I said quietly. My eyes where still closed. Suddently I felt his breathing in my face and than his lips on mine. I was surprised, but in a good way. It tickeled all over my skin and happyness and safety spreat out in my body. It felt like nothing bad could happen to us in that moment. The kiss didn’t last long, but it was perfect. My eyes stayed closed but I smiled. And I could feel that he smiled too. I wanted to keep that moment forever. „Open your eyes.“ Oliver wispered. I did. He held his fist up, opended my hand and opened his fist. „I got something for you.“ He said. A small bracelet fell down into my palm. It was a small blue plaited ribbon with an silver anchor-pendant. „I made it by myself. And I would like you to have it, because you are my anchor, which holds me here in reality. Which makes me safe so I can not drift away. And it means, that i will always be with you!“ I closed my hand around it. „Thank you!“ I wispered. „It’s beautiful.“ I let him tie it around my wrist. He was very careful, as if he was afraid to hurt me. With every motion, he softly stroke my arm. „Don’t stop…“ I begged. My voice was so quiet, I wasn’t sure if he heared me, but he continued. We just sat there next to each other, looking across the ocean and relished the togetherness.

Soon the sun began to set. Too soon. We went home together and ate with Kassandra and Rithanya. They told about their time at the university and how funny the horses looked when they tried to reach the apples they offered them. Oliver and me didn’t really listen. We thought about the kiss and that I will leave soon.

The bags pagged, we closed the door and put the bags into the trunk of the cap we ordered. After that, we went back to Oliver, who waited at the gate of our garden to say goodbye. „Girls, it was a pleasure to meet you.“ He said to Kassandra and Rithanya. „Lena, I got your number?“ I nodded. „Yes, you do. Goodbye Oliver. I will miss you!“ Tears were slowly running down my face. Oliver dried them with his fingers. „Me too. Goodbye.“ Kassandra and Rithanya already sat in the cap and called for me to come. I turned around and sat down in the car. Oliver came nearer. He showed me to open the window. I cranked the carwindow down. „I love you!“ He said. His voice broke. „I really do!“ I started to cry. „Love you too! Don’t forget me!“ I said and then the cab drove away. With me and my best friends in it. And Oliver still behind…

9th November 2018 First day in Hinchinbroock island

Hi everybody.  Today we  went to Hinchinbrook island. First we went on a train, that brought us to a ferry. And with that, we went to HINCHINBROOCK ISLAND. First we called an uber. (we had to wait 10 minutes! But then he finally arrived. Or she.) The driver was a women. Actually, she was really nice. We talked a little, about where we are from,  from the things we already did, and will do. Oh. Didn’t I tell you? We will go into the WILD.

When we arrived, we said goodbye, and Carren drove away. Well.. Now we just had to find a good Spot, where we could pitch our tent. That was the only thing we had. Well we also had a little carving knife, but that was all, we could use. Because this…. was a surviving trip! And as I said, we only could use a tent, to sleep, and a little carving knife. All the other stuff, we had to get/make on our own. We got a nice sleeping place, where we could pitch our tent, and placed our stuff (package) in it. Then we emediatly looked out for food. (before we came here, we printed out a sheet, where things were listed, that we coud eat, that were in this place, to find. with pictures. Because of the vegaterians from us… so, all of us..)

15th November 2018 – last day in Hinchinbroock Island – 14th day

Hi. So the last day in Hinchinbroock Island was not really full of action. (well.. Not REALLY… There was a bit of „Action“… But we`ll come to that later)

Well, First we woke up, like every normal day.  We packed the rest of our stuff, like toothpaste, pyjamas, phone charger etc. , and we slowly woke up, with a cup of coffe, and/or just water. I played a bit on my phone, talked a bit with Lena and Rithanya about what we would do, when we were back in Germany and just sat there, waiting for the right time to finally go to the airplane. I was very nervous. But that`s nothing against Lena… XD  She was super nervous! She couldn`t wait to see her friends again! Her other friends of course. Her friends, that were not in Hinchinbroock Island, with her.  🙂        Well,  when the time has come, to go, we took our bags, and went to the airplane.

After a 30 minute bus drive, we arrived at the airport. First we couldn`t find our check-in. We ran around for about 15 minutes, when we finaly found it. So we sat there, full of boredom….. Untill Rithanya noticed: „Wait….  Is that really OUR check-in?!?“   She checked it again, and…..   „no…   We are not in the right check-in!!“   We jumped up, and ran out. We only had 2 minutes left.    Seriously..   How could we be so stupid?     I found it a bit funny, because of our stupidness,    but also, i got a shock for my life. We almost missed our flight… Allmost. Fortunately we still got our flight. (yeah.. That was the only little action today..)     So we enjoyed the flight, ate a littel bit of airplane food, and then finally arrived.

We got out of the airplane, and first had to get our package, before we could see our families again. It took ages! But finally we got our package. Then we went to the final door, that seperated us, from our familys.      Then we saw them. When my mother saw me, she waved at me, and I emediatley ran up to them. My mum was there, my father was there, my brother and my sister too. Rithanya, and Lena were happy as well. Then we went to our homes together. Well… As far as we could on the S-train station, we seperated us. And now I´m sitting in my room, whriting this.. (I can´t believe this is it. Well OK, I hope you were enjoying our trip, and maybe some day, you can go to Hinchinbroock island too.   🙂     )     Goodb

















(hi everybody. I don’t know whos website this is, but I thought I should whrite something, since I found this girl dead on her chair, looking like she wanted to blog something, but died of boredom. Maybe it was me, but since I had a blackout, you can’t blame me for this. Right? So. If someone out there knows this girl, maybe he/she/it can call her familly, and tell them that she will never come back again.

I just remeber, having the chance to whrite something on this blog, I can tell you guys something. Today, right befor entering this house, where I found this girl, I met this guy. He told me to stand still, so he can just scan my brain. I mean, What the F***??? Scann my brain?!? Well…but maybe he realy did…because, as I told you before, I had a blackout…don’t remember anything after this guy tried to ‚Scan my brain‘ and then standing in front of this girls dead body. I don’t know. I just wanted to say: If you ever meet a guy, offering you to scan your brain, DON’T LET HIM DO THAT! Please?! Because you don’t know what you are going to do…Probably, you’ll kill someone and just tell the world about it, like me.    Well…… If I’m honest with you guys…. I……         I kinda liked it… The way she lies there, the extreme silence, when nobody wants to say anything… tho I’m alone here… There is a silence, only dead ones can make.. No breathing, no puls, no movements. All in one single spot.     Well, I think I gotta go. There is a chance, the neighbours heard her, when she screamed. She defenitly screamed. I can still hear a little beeping in my ear. Well, as I said… Gotta go.)

Good evening and enjoy what ever you will do in the next five minutes…maybe these are your last…      😉